Why Choose SYLK

It is perfectly natural for women to experience vaginal dryness during certain stages of life. While sex may be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a personal lubricant, SYLK can help in other ways too.

Many women choose SYLK to ease the discomfort from vaginal dryness. When women experience changes in their hormone levels, the result can sometimes be that the body doesn’t produce enough lubrication. When this occurs, it can lead to soreness, burning or itching, which can often make it uncomfortable to sit, stand, and exercise. 

The reasons why vary from woman to woman. Such as menopause, taking certain medications or having certain medical procedures. Breastfeeding mothers can experience vaginal dryness, or some gynaecological problems may cause vaginal dryness. Other factors may include diet, over exercising, stress, or even general tiredness. Vaginal dryness can affect our everyday lives, whether we are sexually active or not.

What makes SYLK unique?

SYLK is the only personal lubricant made from bio-sustainable kiwi fruit vine extract. The vines are grown in kiwi fruit orchards in the Pukekohe region of New Zealand. Gum is extracted from the vines, which would otherwise be left on the ground to decompose. This gum is the unique ingredient in SYLK and there is no other natural gum we know of that matches it for viscosity (slipperiness) and shear smoothness factors.

Amazingly kiwi vine gum extract is the perfect ingredient for a personal lubricant because it is natural, odourless, greaseless, stainless, and non-sticky. SYLK is pH controlled within the limits of 4.5-4.7 (slightly acidic) which matches the normal vaginal environment. Keeping the pH balance right is important because the slightly acidic environment of the vagina keeps it hostile to unwanted bacteria. If the pH balance is upset, infections may take hold.

SYLK DOES NOT contain any GMO’s, PEG’s, petrochemicals, silicon, parabens, hormones, synthetic fragrances or dyes, palm oil, colouring, or any ingredients derived from animals. SYLK is vegan friendly!

With so many personal lubricants on the market these days it is very important to choose the right one for your body. If you would like to know if SYLK is right for you? Simply email us at sales@lofttrading.com.au and ask us for a sample (tell us your
name, address and age and we will get a sample sachet out to you! Note – (for Australian residents only)