About Us

SYLK is a New Zealand made, leading water based personal lubricant that has been trusted and loved by Australian women for over 30 years.

After more than a decade it is time for a new look, and we hope you love our fresh new packaging as much as we do. Don’t worry we have not changed anything else about SYLK, it is the same great product made from 100% natural kiwifruit vine extract.

SYLK is pH balanced neutral in the sensitive vaginal environment. SYLK DOES NOT contain any Palm Oil, Parabens, Hormones, Alcohol, Silicon, Petrochemicals, or animal products (SYLK is Vegan friendly). SYLK is non-sticky, non-staining and may be used with condoms and tampons.

Too often intimate health issues are a silent problem that stays behind closed doors, not talked about with partners, friends or even doctors. SYLK water based hormone free personal lubricant alleviates the discomfort of dryness. We encourage you to open the door and not to suffer in silence.

As with the treatment of any health condition, we always recommend that you discuss any treatment options with your qualified healthcare practitioner first.

SYLK is available at most leading pharmacies and health food stores throughout Australia.