The SYLK Story


The SYLK Story

Kiwifruit has been grown in New Zealand since the early 1900s, and has become New Zealand’s most important horticultural crop. Kiwifruit is well known for its high nutrient content, and will add a delicious tropical flare to any fruit salad, however, there is so much more to this amazing little plant!

Just like Passionfruit, Kiwifruit grows on vines and it is here where we find a unique natural by-product – Kiwifruit Vine Gum.  At harvest time, when kiwifruit is hand picked, the vine prunings are usually left behind to decompose, however being environmentally aware, the New Zealand government appointed scientists to conduct studies into the qualities and properties of the Kiwifruit Vine Gum.

Incredibly it was discovered Kiwifruit Vine Gum could be used as a safe ‘plant based’ ingredient in a vaginal lubricant. It naturally has a slightly acidic pH level of 4.5 to 4.7, which is compatible with the normal vaginal environment; the vagina is healthiest when it has a slightly acidic pH level, which is very important to maintain as it acts as a barrier to infection.

SLYK was introduced into Australia and New Zealand markets in the mid 80’s and has established a strong reputation amid loyal customers and health care professionals alike. SYLK is unmatched for it’s smooth semi fluid consistency; it is odourless, non-sticky, tasteless, scentless and stainless, whilst being sensual, silky and slippery. SLYK has been helping women with vaginal dryness for well over 30 years, giving relief for this common, but often misunderstood condition.

SYLK has been submitted to strict industry standard testing, kiwifruit vine gum does not come from the fruit so is unlikely to cause any reactions. The very nature of SYLK is so similar to a woman’s natural lubrication you will be the only one who knows you are using it, unless you choose otherwise.