FAQ - Sylk
If I am allergic to kiwifruit, can I still use SYLK?
The plant extract comes from the kiwi-vine gum, not the kiwifruit and is therefore safe even if a kiwifruit allergy is present.
What makes SYLK such a unique lubricant?
SYLK is made from safe ingredients including a specialised plant extract – the kiwifruit vine gum. SYLK imitates the vagina’s natural pH balance and is very similar to human natural lubrication CLICK HERE to see our full ingredients list
Why are natural ingredients important for intimate care products ?
Our skin is the largest organ in our body and around 60% of what we apply to it gets absorbed into our bloodstream. That is the reason why what we put on our skin is equally important as what we put in our body because they both effect our wellbeing as a whole.
Why is pH balance important?
A healthy vagina has a natural pH, which is somewhat acidic, creating an unfriendly environment for harmful and damaging bacteria. If the pH balance is a disturbed, bacterium can multiply causing infections and irritation.
What are parabens?
Parabens are frequently used chemical preservative found in everyday common products from food to shampoo. They have been used in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries for many years and are considered reasonably safe. Recently research has indicated parabens disrupt hormones in people and the environment, and they have been found in cancer tumors. Many consumers are now educated to choose paraben free products.
Does SYLK contain parabens?
SYLK does NOT contain parabens or any other harmful chemicals.
Is SYLK tested on animals?
SYLK does NOT test its product on animals.

Sex and SYLK

Can I use SYLK when making love?
SYLK is an excellent lubricant to use during sex. It is non-greasy, tasteless and odour free and matches your own lubrication so well that few partners will detect any different (unless you choose to let them know).
How will SYLK feel for my male partner?
SYLK feels just like your own lubrication. SYLK actually helps stimulate your body to produce more of your own lubrication and this exciting feel of the natural lubricant, can actually enhance your male partner’s erection and overall experience.
My girlfriend and I like to use sex toys, can we use SYLK?
Because SYLK is so similar to your own natural lubrication, you can use it when playing with toys. SYLK will ensure you stay well hydrated which will enhance your intimate experience.
Can I use SYLK when using condoms?
SYLK has been submitted to thorough industry standard product testing and has passed all condom compatibility tests. SYLK is a water based lubricant with no harmful chemicals. It is safe to use with condoms and sex toys. The exquisite feel of SYLK enhances sensitivity, which is especially good when using condoms. As latex sensitivity can be increased with friction, extra lubricant should always be used with condoms. We would recommend that you put a drop of SYLK natural lubricant on the tip of the condom and then massage plenty on the outside areas.
Is SYLK safe to use for anal or oral sex?
Because SYLK contains natural ingredients it is safe to use anally and orally.

Pregnancy and SYLK

I am trying for a baby, can I use SYLK?
Even though SYLK is not harmful, it is not recommended to use ANY lubricants when trying to conceive. In normal healthy conditions, the vagina is slightly acidic, but when we ovulate the pH balance in the vagina changes to around 7. This neutral pH state assists conception. The pH balance of SYLK (like most other lubricants) can affect the movement of sperm, so is best to be avoided during the period of conception.
Can I use SYLK during pregnancy?
We advise that you check with your obstetrician, GP or midwife before using any products whilst pregnant; however we can reassure you that SYLK is safe. SYLK is made from gentle, natural, plant based ingredients free from any harmful chemicals, hormones or parabens. SYLK can be used throughout pregnancy and afterwards to assist lovemaking or just to keep everything more comfortable.
Can I use SYLK if I am breastfeeding?
Yes, however always check with your midwife or GP if you experience any vaginal discomfort after childbirth, but often hormone changes when breastfeeding can cause vaginal dryness. SYLK is perfect for your vagina. SYLK has no harmful ingredients that could harm you or your baby and is safe to use as often as you need while breastfeeding.

SYLK and Your Health

I find smear tests uncomfortable, can I use SYLK?
We recommend you ask your health care provider or GP whether you can bring SYLK with you for them to apply.
Is SYLK suitable to use with tampons?
Yes. SYLK is perfectly safe to use with both applicator and non-applicator tampons. You can spread a little on the tampon or inside your vagina, whatever suits you best, and use as often as you need to.
I am on oral HRT, can I use SYLK?
Yes. SYLK is safe to use with oral HRT and internal estrogen.
I have a Mirena coil. Is it safe to use SYLK?
SYLK is safe to use with all types of coils including Mirena.
Does SYLK lubricant contain any hormones such as progesterone or estrogen?
SYLK is a lubricant which is plant and water based. It is free from all synthetic hormones and parabens.
I have finished menopause, is it ok to continue using SYLK?
Vaginal dryness is one symptom that unfortunately does not go away. The good news is that SYLK replaces and replenishes your own lubrication so naturally you won’t know the difference. You can use SYLK every day and as often as you need to.