How to use Sylk AU


How to use SYLK

Using SYLK with confidence is easy, you don’t have to ‘have a partner’ or even ‘need to be self lubricated’ to enjoy SYLK!

SYLK’S non-greasy, tasteless, scentless, non-staining formula works with your body to compliment and enhance your natural lubrication.

SYLK enhances your sex life, adds variety as well as heightens personal intimacy.

SYLK and a little imagination can make sensual massage, foreplay and masturbation as well as sexual intercourse more pleasurable and more fun by improving sensation.

How to apply SYLK

Bubbles In Blue Water

Using clean fingers, apply a small amount of SYLK (about 1/2 teaspoon remembering a little bit goes a long way), to your or your partner’s genital areas. There are approximately 10 uses per 40g bottle however everyone’s needs are different, so doesn’t hurt to experiment to work out the quantity that best suits you).

SYLK can be used on and in all genital areas, by yourself or with your partner.

SYLK is convenient in that you don’t have to wash it off afterwards, unlike many of the sticky synthetic/ silicone based lubricants available.

SYLK is also perfect for sensual and erotic massage; being non-sticky, and stainless, and if need be, cleans up easily with a damp cloth. You can also add a few drops of water or saliva or repeat SYLK’S application to reactivate lubricity as sometimes body heat, ambient temperature or prolonged activity can require more lubrication.

CAUTION: Slippery when wet! Take care if you’re near a spa or on a wet and already slippery surface like a bathroom floor!